[New release] wallabag 2.2.2

May 18, 2017

It's time to update your wallabag installation, 2.2.2 is here!

The documentation for the upgrade is available here.


  • #2950 Fixed symlinks issue during release creation (@nicosomb)
  • #2832 Search by term: extend to entries url (@Kdecherf)
  • #2830 Fixed rendering of entry title in Twig views (@Kdecherf)
  • #2892 Updated spanish translation (@ngosang)
  • #2915 Import: we now skip messages when user is null (@nicosomb)
  • #2905 Alert that 2FA must be authorized in app/config/parameters.yml (@nicofrand)
  • #2832 Search by term: extend to entries url (@Kdecherf)
  • #2878 Added italian documentation (@matteocoder)
  • #2860 Documentation: update java wrapper, add cmd tool to add article (@Strubbl)
  • #2874 Added informations about Apache 2.4 (@kgaut)
  • #2869 Added log for restricted access value (@j0k3r)
  • #2846 Fixed misspells in polish translation (@mruminski)
  • #2842 Update RulerZ (@K-Phoen)
  • #2841 Show active list in the left menu during search (@Kdecherf)
  • #2788 Documentation on how to configure mobile apps to work with wallabag (@Zettt)
  • #2839 Fixed composer.phar: not found in update script (@foxmask)
  • #2818 Fix nav-panel-search height (@Kdecherf)
  • #2824 Renamed Developer section to API client management (@nicosomb)

Download wallabag 2.2.2

To download, install/upgrade wallabag, please read our Downloads page.

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