[New release] wallabag 2.2. Finally.

January 31, 2017

With almost 4 months delay, our new version, wallabag 2.2, is here. We originally planned to release it on October 3rd, 2016. Don’t worry, we didn’t go on holiday. We kept working hard. It’s now time to present you this new great version.

What’s new?

Account managemenent

In wallabag 2.1, we gave you the possibility to manage your users.

In wallabag 2.2, we now give you the possibility to reset and delete your own account.

On the configuration screen of your account, in the user information tab, you now have a danger zone. Take care, these actions are IRREVERSIBLE.

You can:

  • remove all annotations
  • remove all tags
  • remove all entries
  • delete your account

Features developed by tcitworld and j0k3r in #2177 and #2401


Two useful enhancements for developers: annotations and entries export are now available in the API.

Export entries

The endpoint is /api/entries/123/export.epub to export the entry 123 in epub (available formats: epub, mobi, pdf, txt, csv).

This feature is already used by Plop! reader, a wallabag application for Pocketbook Touch Lux ereaders, by pmartin.

Feature developed by pmartin in #2372


The endpoint is api/annotations/123.json to get annotations for the entry 123.

Feature developed by tcitworld in #1890

UI changes

  • We added new tag form in mobile view for Material theme. Developed by nicosomb in #2553
  • We added a list view, which hides the preview picture and displays only the title. Developed by nicosomb in #2662
  • On mobile view, for long articles, we added a floating button to archive, star or delete an entry. Developed by nicosomb in #2670


You can now share your entries to unmark.it, a bookmarks manager.

Feature developed by nicosomb in #2566

Sharing to Shaarli (an other bookmarks manager) is available since wallabag 2.0. But lapineige, one of our happy users, wanted to share tags into Shaarli. So he developed this feature.

Feature developed by lapineige in #2725


In wallabag 2.1, we added many import systems: Readability, Instapaper, Firefox and Chrome.

With wallabag 2.2, you can also import your data from Pinboard.

Feature developed by j0k3r in #2548


  • Available in wallabag 1.x, downloading pictures has been added. You need to enable the feature in the internal settings of your wallabag. Developed by tcitworld and j0k3r in #2180
  • If you don’t like to remove your fingers from your keyboard, we added shortcuts. You can have a glance of all the available shortcuts by hitting the ? key. Developed by nicosomb in #2495
  • Wanted for months, the search engine is finally available in wallabag. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the header to display the search form. Developed by nicosomb in #2543
  • We added a new setting to define the redirection made after archiving an entry: define it on the configuration page. Developed by nicosomb in #2547
  • To avoid too large RSS feeds, it’s now possible to limit them. Define this value on your configuration page. Developed by j0k3r in #2609

One more thing… the authentication for restricted access articles (behind a paywall)

Thanks to this feature, you can now save articles from websites who authentication is required.

This great feature is only available for advanced users, and for now the credentials are shared with all the users of an instance. We’ll add an easy to use interface in next release.

You need to edit your app/config/parameters.yml file to edit credentials for each website with paywall. Here is an example for some french websites:

    mediapart.fr: {username: "johndoe", password: "johnwho?"}

Warning : These credentials will be used for each user of your wallabag instance.

Then, the site configuration file for the website (for example, mediapart.fr.txt) must be improved:

body: //div[@class="content-article"]/div[@class="page-pane"]

requires_login: yes

login_uri: https://www.mediapart.fr/login_check
login_username_field: name
login_password_field: password

not_logged_in_xpath: //body[@class="not-logged-in"]

Please open a new issue on GitHub if you need some help about this part.

Feature developed by bdunogier in #2317

Some figures

wallabag 2.2 in figures:

  • 9826 added lines
  • 1079 removed lines
  • 72 merged pull requests
  • 40 closed issues
  • 3 months late
  • 1 an other great release

Full changelog

  • #2789 Added indexes on is_archived and is_starred (@nicosomb)
  • #2763 Sort list of available tags (@janLo)
  • #2646 Added explanations about migrations (@nicosomb, @jlnostr)
  • #2787 Lock kphoen/rulerz to avoid breaking changes (@j0k3r)
  • #2750 Added migration to rename uuid to uid (@nicosomb)
  • #2774 add cli export (@tcitworld)
  • #2742 Avoid false preview image (@j0k3r)
  • #2733 Fixed API error No matching accepted Response format could be determined (@nicosomb)
  • #2735 Removed the small element on reading time (@nicosomb)
  • #2729 Fix double overlay on expanded right sidenav (@Simounet)
  • #2728 Fix right side-nav scrolling on low height window (@Simounet)
  • #2725 Share to Shaarli - Include tags (@lapineige,)
  • #2732 Firefox add-on URL updated (@Simounet)
  • #2730 Access to search, filters, export on mobile (@Simounet)
  • #2731 Minor typo fix (@llune)
  • #2702 Added index on entry.uuid (@nicosomb)
  • #2724 Fix entry reading time (@Simounet)
  • #2723 Fixed export by tags with a tag which contains space (@nicosomb)
  • #2696 Run migration on each test (@j0k3r)
  • #2714 Fix the box shadow on the card entry (@Simounet)
  • #2616 Change documentation links to HTTPS (@mathieui)
  • #2682 Ensure craue_config_setting migration are ok (@nicosomb, @j0k3r)
  • #2690 Added QoS for RabbitMQ (@nicosomb)
  • #2701 Removed outputWalkers for pagination (@nicosomb)
  • #2667 Upgrade to Symfony 3.2 (@nicosomb, @j0k3r)
  • #2699 Removed user join in query builder (@nicosomb)
  • #2697 Add default value for list_mode (@j0k3r)
  • #2691 Moved total messages from import (@nicosomb)
  • #2689 Replaced chmod for download pictures feature (@nicosomb)
  • #2688 Fixed imports with is_starred and is_archived (@nicosomb)
  • #2686 Casted maxIterations for Redis import (@nicosomb)
  • #2680 Limit rule to 255 (@j0k3r)
  • #2679 Fix content from imported entried being discarded when URL goes bad (@j0k3r, @jcharaoui)
  • #2677 add translations/wallabag_user.de.yml (fixes #2673) (@Strubbl)
  • #2676 Updated addons links (@nicosomb)
  • #2674 Fixed 404 for wallabag logo in 2FA (@nicosomb)
  • #2672 Fixed typo in asynchronous documentation (@nicosomb)
  • #2670 Added floating button on entry view for mobile (@nicosomb)
  • #2650 Added hasColumn() in migration to check column existence (@nicosomb)
  • #2662 Add list view (@nicosomb)
  • #2663 Removed FOSUser attributes removed in alpha4 (@nicosomb)
  • #2659 Fix incorrect reading time calculation for entries in non-latin languages. (@akovalyov)
  • #2654 Enforce lowercase on domain name filter (@Kdecherf)
  • #2622 Material UI Changes (@nicosomb, @Kdecherf)
  • #2642 Fixed logout shortcut (@nicosomb)
  • #2620 Fix password layout (@j0k3r)
  • #2640 Fixed entry shortcuts available in list view (@nicosomb)
  • #2637 Update messages.pl.yml (@wallabag)
  • #2317 Added authentication for restricted access articles (@nicosomb, @bdunogier)
  • #2612 Added help about shortcuts (@nicosomb)
  • #2635 Return 304 when content isn't reloaded using the API (@j0k3r)
  • #2613 Fix card action overlap (@j0k3r)
  • #2614 Add ability to reload entry from API (@j0k3r)
  • #2632 Update messages.pl.yml (@wallabag)
  • #2630 Add white-text class to card-title too (@ThibaudDauce)
  • #2600 Install assets for shortcuts (@j0k3r)
  • #2601 Added http_status in Entry entity (@nicosomb)
  • #2593 Put log in the most common failure tests (@j0k3r)
  • #2592 Update messages.pl.yml (@wallabag)
  • #2547 Added a configuration to define the redirection after archiving an entry (@j0k3r, @nicosomb, @Strubbl)
  • #2495 Added shortcuts (@nicosomb, @tcitworld)
  • #2566 Added unmark.it sharing (@nicosomb)
  • #2564 Update messages.pl.yml (@wallabag)
  • #2553 Added new tag form in mobile view for Material theme (@nicosomb)
  • #2548 Add Pinboard import (@Strubbl, @j0k3r)
  • #2551 Removed Maintenance bundle (@nicosomb)
  • #2541 Update messages.pl.yml (@wallabag)
  • #2540 Update of the OC version (@Quent-in)
  • #2535 Use created_at as default sort (@j0k3r)
  • #2180 Download pictures (@j0k3r, @tcitworld)
  • #2523 Added QRCode and link to configure android application (@tcitworld, @nicosomb)
  • #2499 Added relation between API Client and User (@nicosomb)
  • #2496 Update messages.pl.yml (@wallabag)
  • #2401 Reset account (@j0k3r)
  • #1890 bring annotations to API (@j0k3r, @nicosomb, @tcitworld)
  • #2456 use new tcpdf library version (@tcitworld)
  • #2453 Fix API export (@j0k3r)
  • #2438 Update messages.pl.yml (@wallabag)
  • #2372 API: ability to export entry in all available format (epub, pdf, etc...) (@j0k3r, @pmartin)
  • #2409 Occitan version update (@Quent-in, @nicosomb)
  • #2177 Delete user (@j0k3r, @nicosomb, @tcitworld)

Applications and browsers addons

  • we released a new addon for Chrome, also compatible with Firefox and Opera. It's our new default browser application.
  • we released a new iOS application
  • we’ll release a new version of our Android application with the new offline pictures feature very soon.

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