[New release] wallabag 2.5.0

May 22, 2022

Here is the latest release of wallabag. What changed?

⚠️ Important note:

  • we dropped support for PHP < 7.4.
  • the 2.6.0 release should drop PHP < 8.0.
  • the baggy theme has been deprecated and will be removed in 2.6.0 (global theming will be removed and only the material theme will remain).

💅 New features were shipped in that release:

  • Delicious import (if you still have credentials for your account, just go https://del.icio.us/)
  • webp image can now be downloaded locally (when caching images is enabled)
  • You can now list entries with annotations
  • You can now add a tag to a search results
  • A new API endpoint was added to retrieve the user configuration
  • The Docker image from within that repo has been rebuild. You MUST NOT use that one for production, only for dev purpose. For production, check https://github.com/wallabag/docker.

📈 To update your instance, just run make update.

🤝 A little reminder that you can support our work on wallabag by sponsoring us on Liberapay or subscribe on wallabag.it. Thanks!


Deprecated features


Technical stuff



Full Changelog: https://github.com/wallabag/wallabag/compare/2.4.3...2.5.0

Download wallabag 2.5.0

To download, install/upgrade wallabag, please read our Downloads page.

Need help?

We are on Gitter and on IRC, ping us! You can also open a new issue on GitHub.

How can you help us?

By using wallabag, by reporting bugs, by translating wallabag and its documentation, by talking about wallabag to your friends, ... You can help us via Liberapay or PayPal.

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