[New release] wallabag 2.1.4

November 19, 2016

It's time to update your wallabag installation, 2.1.4 is here!

The documentation for the upgrade is available here.


  • #2604 wallabag can’t work on PostgreSQL <= 9.1 (@j0k3r)
  • #2605 Add .travis.yml change to RELEASE_PROCESS (@j0k3r)
  • #2603 Fix clear-cache problem using —no-dev (@j0k3r)
  • #2596 Prepare wallabag 2.1.4 :rocket: (@nicosomb)
  • #2550 Reordered documentation (@jlnostr, @nicosomb)
  • #2578 Added help on config screen (@nicosomb)
  • #2570 Added creation date on entries view (@nicosomb)
  • #2587 User-agents have moved to site-config (@j0k3r)
  • #2584 fix #2582 - Documentation, Nginx config: disable all other PHP file from symfony (@blankoworld)
  • #2577 Added tooltips in header bar (@nicosomb)
  • #2562 Bigger image preview in case of only image content (@j0k3r)
  • #2571 Changed behavior when we change language (@nicosomb)
  • #2565 Removed support website on about page (@nicosomb)
  • #2563 Improve PR template (@j0k3r)
  • #2561 fix #2559 (@Rurik19)
  • #2555 Reorder variable assignation in update.sh script, fix #2554 (@dkrmr)
  • #2556 Replaced TokenStorage with TokenStorageInterface (@nicosomb)
  • #2552 Round readingtime to avoid crazy number (@j0k3r)
  • #2546 Updated default parameters.yml file in documentation (@nicosomb)
  • #2545 Update the upgrade documentation (@nicosomb)

Download wallabag 2.1.4

To download, install/upgrade wallabag, please read our Downloads page.

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