[New release] wallabag 2.1.3

Novembre 04, 2016

It's time to update your wallabag installation, 2.1.3 is here!

The documentation for the upgrade is available here.


  • #2460 UI Changes (@tcitworld, @j0k3r)
  • #2534 Use created_at as default sort (@j0k3r)
  • #2530 Added documentation about failed to load external entity error (@j0k3r, @Strubbl, @nicosomb)
  • #2519 Translation update - French (@j0k3r, @Jibec)
  • #2528 Force user-agent for .slashdot.org (@Kdecherf)
  • #2524 Add Instapaper to CLI import (@lologhi)
  • #2521 fix path for the install scripts (@foxmask)
  • #2520 Inject parameter instead of service (@j0k3r)
  • #2518 docs: fix link to wallabag-stats project (@Strubbl)
  • #2514 docs: update 3rd party projects by Strubbl (@Strubbl)
  • #2513 Updated Capistrano configuration (@nicosomb)
  • #2506 Fixed entries export filtered with a tag (@nicosomb)
  • #2509 Exploded WallabagRestController into many controllers (@nicosomb)
  • #2508 Added the whole path to parameters.yml file (@nicosomb)
  • #2507 Added require.sh to check if composer is installed (@nicosomb)
  • #2500 Added a check in Makefile to see if composer is installed (@nicosomb)
  • #2504 Added tag label in the page title (@nicosomb)
  • #2473 Portuguese (Brazilian) translation (@pmichelazzo, @j0k3r, @nicosomb, @Quent-in, @danbartram, @even-allmighty, @Strubbl, @tcitworld, @benages, @Simounet, @charno6, @Rurik19, @bmillemathias, @cstuder, @egilli, @pmartin)
  • #2493 Add relevant links to fetch content error page (@nicosomb, @bmillemathias)
  • #2486 Added :fr: documentation for wallabag backup (@jlnostr, @nicosomb)
  • #2484 Document what to backup in Wallabag (@bmillemathias)
  • #2485 Fix missing words in Android application documentation (@bmillemathias)
  • #2481 Some fixes (@j0k3r)
  • #2482 If reload content failed, don’t update it (@j0k3r)
  • #2467 Update wallabag version for master branch (@nicosomb)
  • #2466 Removed MD5 hash in documentation (@nicosomb)

Download wallabag 2.1.3

To download, install/upgrade wallabag, please read our Downloads page.

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