[New release] wallabag (long awaited) 2.4 is here

🎉 The long awaited 2.4.0 is finally here 🌟

There's a ton of new features (you can check the full changelog if you want to see them all). We'll only highlight main ones here.

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New features

As a side note, the baggy theme is now deprecated and will be removed in 2.5.0. 👋

Technical changes

Support for PHP 7.4

The 2.3.8 lacked support for PHP 7.4 but, hey, that wallabag 2.3.8 was released in May 2019 and PHP 7.4 first alpha goes out in June 2019. Maybe we should have release 2.3.9 with PHP 7.4 support but there was too much stuff in the master and lack of motivation to only keep commits which enabled support. I hope we'll be more reactive for PHP 8.0 :)

Dropped support for PHP < 7.2

PRs #3758 #4441

We removed support for PHP < 7.2 because lower version aren't supported by PHP itself. First we remove support for PHP < 7.1 back in Novembre 2018 https://github.com/wallabag/wallabag/pull/3758 and then support for PHP < 7.2 in June 2020.

Some people will arg that we should keep the lowest version possible because some folks are maintaining outdated version of PHP but we need to move on. Also, security support for PHP 7.2 will end in November 2020 but we think it's too fast for most people. Also Symfony still required PHP >=7.2.5 for the current master (the upcoming 5.2.0).

Translations in Weblate

PRs #4447 #4359 #4442

The whole application is now connected to the Weblate platform which allow anyone to contribute to the translation without having to use Git at all. There are multiple sources in Weblate for the wallabag project because the iOS & Android app are also using it.

The application is now fully translated in 10 languages! :fr: :us: :cn: :kr: :jp: :netherlands: :ru: :tr: :de: :es: It's amazing. ✏️ Feel free to improve translations.

Hashed URLs for faster check

PR #3158

People using the API to save contents often have to check if the URL already exists in the database. Using the plain URL to check wasn't fast enough and it can lead to privacy leak (see https://github.com/wallabag/wallabag/pull/4361#issuecomment-723572855). That's why there is now a hash of the URL for each entry. Don't forget to run the command php bin/console --env=prod wallabag:generate-hashed-urls after upgrading to 2.4.0.

URLs are hashed using sha1.

Add basic search endpoint

PR #3627

The API now expose a basic search endpoint. We declare it as basic because it's a simple search in the database (like the one in the web interface). No robust search engine were involved in that change.

How to upgrade

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Download wallabag 2.4

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We are on Gitter and on IRC, ping us! You can also open a new issue on GitHub.

How can you help us?

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