New house to prepare a great release

2015 will be a great year for wallabag, because we worked very hard and we'll release a first alpha of wallabag v2.

To welcome this new version, we wanted a new house.

Welcome in our new house!

Feel free to visit this house, but take care, paint is perhaps still fresh.
We officially publish our roadmap for wallabag v2, you can have a look on this page to see our TODO list before the first release.

If you want to help us, there are two ways:

Now, we can put all our efforts on the latest features to implement for wallabag v2. Stay tuned!

wallabag 2.0.0-alpha, finally A word about our browser extensions

Want to give it a try?


Last release: wallabag 2.6.9
(md5 checksum: 3e7f5db1f64c63f2b06638fba171a2e4)
You can download our previous releases here.