Open letter addressed to Read It Later, Inc., creator of Pocket

On thursday, January the 23th 2014 I received from the law firm Shartsis Friese LLP a Cease & Desist letter labelled Trademark Infringement by "In the poche".

poche is a free (as in freedom) and open source application which allows saving Web contents for further reading developed by a single French individual (based in France). Its website is hosted at and its source code is freely available at

Here are the claims:

And here are the required actions I'm told by your lawyers before January the 31th, 2014:

So here's an official statement of mine regarding these claims & required actions:

To summarize, I'd like to hear directly from you (so we avoid lawyer noise) about these changes : I'd like to keep using the poche name, the domain and the @getpoche twitter account. I'm removing all mention of Pocket from the website and won't ever be mentioning you again in any poche public communications. Last, the logo will be updated.

You can reach me at Please don't call me by phone as I'm not fluent in English (this open letter has been translated by someone else).

Regards, Nicolas

Pocket reply We are working on poche v2

Want to give it a try?


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