[New release] wallabag 2.0.8

It's time to update! We just released wallabag 2.0.8.

We'll hope this release will be the last before wallabag 2.1, which will be a great version. Stay tuned!

Here is the changelog:





Download wallabag 2.0.8

To download, install/upgrade wallabag, please read our Downloads page.

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We are on Gitter (a chat platform), ping us! You can also open a new issue on GitHub.

How can you help us?

By using wallabag, by reporting bugs, by translating wallabag and its documentation, by talking about wallabag to your friends, ...

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Last release: wallabag 2.6.9
(md5 checksum: 3e7f5db1f64c63f2b06638fba171a2e4)
You can download our previous releases here.