[New release] wallabag 2.1.1

We released wallabag 2.1.0 yesterday and we need to release this patch now. We made some mistakes with the installation and update process.
In fact, we screwed up with the assets by adding npm in the installation process. Now, we do this operation during the build process, not on your webserver.

The documentation for the upgrade is available here.

After the upgrade, you can delete the node_modules directory.




Download wallabag 2.1.1

To download, install/upgrade wallabag, please read our Downloads page.

Need help?

We are on Gitter (a chat platform), ping us! You can also open a new issue on GitHub.

How can you help us?

By using wallabag, by reporting bugs, by translating wallabag and its documentation, by talking about wallabag to your friends, ...

[New release] wallabag 2.1.2 [New release] wallabag 2.2.1

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Last release: wallabag 2.6.9
(md5 checksum: 3e7f5db1f64c63f2b06638fba171a2e4)
You can download our previous releases here.