wallabag integrates Facebook (okay, it was an April fool)

Our renaming history changed lot of things in our project.And the least we can say is that it has also changed my life.

Few weeks ago, Madan Nagaldinne, head of human resources at Facebook, contacted me to discuss about a project that the american firm has for several years: the possibility to save articles to read them later.

Put yourself in my place, I'm not a fan of this social network, but if I can be able to provide my family a very decent lifestyle is interesting. So without much hesitation, I accepted this new mission.

However, I had some conditions:

Facebook answers:

I expected some administrative confirmations before talking to you about this great new. But Facebook didn’t wait and already communicated: Facebook Takes Another Crack At Read-It-Later With “Save” Button http://techcrunch.com/2014/03/27/facebook-save/

I'll start my new mission in mid-April, I’ll be attached to the french Facebook team with some trips in California from my first days to meet my future colleagues.

I give you more news in the coming days, I have to go prepare my boxes for the move.

wallabag 1.6 is here! wallabag 1.5.2 available

Want to give it a try?


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