Three years after the first commit, wallabag 2.0.0

Some history, some thanks

Three years ago, I started a little script, to replace the closed service I used to use (french article). It was a personal script, that I hosted on GitHub. I never realized that people could be interested with it.

poche 0.1

You are more than 8.900 users on Framabag, you are more than 1.800 fans on GitHub, wallabag 1.x was downloaded more than 33.400 times, we released so many versions with so many features, and our history can still go on.

To all of our users: Merci.

If our project is still alive today, it's also thanks to Thomas Citharel (@tcitworld). When I was not available for the project, he was always here to fix bugs or to reply to your questions. Merci Thomas!

wallabag v2 is in my head for more than 2 years. But this version that we release today is also here thanks to Jérémy Benoist (@j0k)): without his help on many technical subjects, wallabag v2 wouldn't exist. Merci Jérémy!

Managing such a project like wallabag is so exciting (but it's also very tiring). Today, it's a big part of my personal life, that's why I also want to thank my wife, because it's not easy every day to share your life with a wallaby. Merci Audrey!

Enough with this...

wallabag 2.0.0 is here!


The documentation for this release is here: Today, we translated it in English and in French: if you want to translate it in an other language, please read this chapter.

Download wallabag 2.0.0

On a dedicated web server

If you don't have it yet, please install composer. Then you can install wallabag by executing the following commands:

git clone
cd wallabag
git checkout 2.0.0
SYMFONY_ENV=prod composer install --no-dev -o --prefer-dist
php bin/console wallabag:install --env=prod
php bin/console server:run --env=prod

On a shared hosting

We provide you a package, wallabag-2.0.0.tar.gz, with all dependancies inside.

The default configuration uses SQLite for the database. If you want to change these settings, please edit app/config/parameters.yml.

We already created a user (login and password are wallabag). This user is only available if you use SQLite database.

Warning: With this package, wallabag don't check mandatory extensions used in the application (theses checks are made during composer install when you have a dedicated web server, see above).
Please read our installation documentation to see requirements.

Need help?

We are on Gitter (a chat platform), ping us! You can also open a new issue on GitHub.

How can you help us?

By using wallabag, by reporting bugs, by translating wallabag and its documentation, by talking about wallabag to your friends, ...

What's next?

Thanks to your donations, we can now take some holidays in Panama, thank you so much.

I'm sure you'll find bugs, I'm sure you'll have new ideas to implement... and we know that there are missing features!
We already planned to release wallabag 2.1.0 at July, 3rd.

Now, I think it's time to open a good beer! Happy birthday wallabag!


[New release] wallabag 2.0.1 Some news about wallabag

Want to give it a try?


Last release: wallabag 2.6.9
(md5 checksum: 3e7f5db1f64c63f2b06638fba171a2e4)
You can download our previous releases here.