wallabag 1.4 is available

I'm proud to announce the first version of our application, since the beggining of the wallabag era.

It's a major version, but no big changes: it's only we change the application name.


Demo website is up to date http://demo.wallabag.org

Framabag is up to date https://www.framabag.org


You can download the latest version here: http://wllbg.org/latest

To update your wallabag, you just have to unzip file and extract it in your folder. Don't forget to clean cache folder.

Next version

A 1.5 version will maybe be released.

We are currently working on wallabag v2. Stay tuned to have some informations.

Social networks

You can follow us on twitter, Facebook and Google+.

wallabag 1.5.0 — Baggy Framabag is born

Want to give it a try?


Last release: wallabag 2.6.8
(md5 checksum: d02126f55874b8c9e47fe049c5a24236)
You can download our previous releases here.